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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Readed about Pikku Punatulkku and it seems like unspun yarn they sell are made and sold in Estonia. Almost everywhere in the yarnstores. Price is cheep and colors are familiar. I made of this already couple of sweathers and bags. This staff is best yarn for felting. With other real yarn together they are soft and nice too. and alone without felting - I made sweather for mum, she were happy because now she has really warm thing to wear. Unfortunately I do not have a picture - again reason to visit her and take a picture.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Now I have two almost identical pair gloves made of online sockyarn. One of them is for Karin. Other is mine.
And I have still half of the skein. It is enough for small gloves or socks. But I aprehend the amount is not enought, it fails a little bit anyway and I should buy a new skein. The skein has 420 meter. It is like a newerending story - I will knit bulk of gloves and socks. All in same colors. Then I acoutre my family and friends and we have same specifier.Huh

What a magnificent Ulla and a article about marriage with fanatical knitter. Seems like my husband wrote it.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

How to steal a time for knitting? I knit where I read. Its possible when pattern is easy. I knit when i read bedtime story. Its possible when pattern is easy too. Knit with two or more colors is more difficult and needs more attention. Even fingers for glove need attention. And I need time for gym and singing too. My job takes 8 +1 houer. I want to knit more. or faster? Take a thin yarn and needles nr 7? No way. There is an example about easy knitting project: a scarf, made of Palma (Novita)1,5 meters long and the fringe too. I made one for me and other for my frend. I hope he likes to wear it. Because the yarn is so soft.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

They are ready for wearing. I have still a yarn enough for other pair.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Who has made a rule: knit a sock with 5 needles. I did it with four needle. It was perfect. Extra easy was to knit a heel but the other parts too. The real reason was the fact that I lost my 5. needle. Where? It`s still lost, so I should by the new set 2,5 number needles. Why dont they be singly on offer?