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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

How sad I do not have a familiar little boy to knit this Devan a totally nice cardigan. When I found a multicolored yarn at shop I thought to this at once. The boy must be 2 years old I think. Seems like small girls are wearing a different cardigans – one ore two colors, and not in old english style. Me myself? I need more stitch in row, the pattern will change and it is not nice anymore.Oh! I have. Helen, my good friend has a two year old boy. I am old woman widht bad memory, transpire. I could start this project!!

Monday, August 30, 2004

Socks are ready. There is more yarn, I started the gloves. Other projects can wait. Unfortunately were the batterys unloaded and i couldnt take a picture. I love these socks, i love this yarn (deliberate repetition), I love knitting.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

I made good progress with the new yarn. Bear in mind I had training (two hour), I made a withe doll-dress during the bedtime-story and also cooked for family.

I like this Yarn, I like those colors, I like this smell. I decided to make socks for mama. Last time I was there, she has only one pair warm socks, and they were repaired already. But my feets felt cold. I like to be on warm floor. Maybe I could borrow socks from mama if I feel could feets again.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

The yarn is bought. For socks, they said I need only one ball for pair. Maybe it is true. It was first shop in Tallinn where I found this yarn. Thjis one is much more excpensiv as usual wool. twice. But it was my dream already a year or more.I do not belive in e-shops. They dont belive estonian creditcards also.

I have an order in my room now. Leho bought a shelf for my staff. I put all the things into and now!!! I know How many things I am. I took the picture alsow.

I tryed to get all - shelf and the braids (baskets) but it was too much for one picture. Anyway, in the bigger basket I have all woolballs for knitting. In the smaller basket I hold unfinshed staff and things, which are ready but ovnerless. There is my small loom. I love it. Width this loom I made one shoulderbag (not finished yet), now there is unfinished belt on.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Sometimes I am in trouble - how is best to take colors and put them together. Now Lisa gives me a source. One page, hundred answers.

I have never used the stitch markers befor. Now I bought a box of, but how to use them , this is quit new for me. Maybe I do not need them, maybe I am a professional?

I have found lot of pictures, people have made those themselvs. Like those which Eclektica has made. Mine markers are made of plastic, without jewelwry. So they have less attraction. Is it reasonable?

How I knit? Without stichmarkers. I just can remember or should count rows and stitches. Yes, sometimes it takes time, sometimes I dont count well. you now. And it is a reason why I bought the makers.

What did I yesterday? Pictures, lot ot of pictures. I took pictures of my works, finished knittings and put them to the web: jagamiseruum. During the clearing I found great staff, just need to finish. A bit of time, a bit of desire. Somebody should to enforce me. Some nice chrochet I need to finish.

Monday, August 23, 2004

What is my favourite yarn? At summer I like a cotton, sometimes mixed with acrylic. At winterseason is better to knit with wool. But I can knit anything. Usually I prefere circular needles. My favourite thing to knit is a swether, even when it takes lot of time. My favourite magazine where I find patterns used to be Novita. Today they named it MODA and do not present novita-yarn patterns only they used to do. Marvellous e-magazine for me is Knitty. I just fall in love. Actually I hope to knit some patterns from Knitty, some day in future.

My current knitting? At the time I have on the needles a little white dress for baby-born-doll. I started a folk mitten (green-black)and should to end it before winter. Also found lot of things from my bag. Now I will end them. For excample: Year ago I made a sweather (islandic). Some reason It was hugde, abnormally large. So I should unstich it. Now I knit it again.

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First date

Why ? because my english is bad. I have been learning it a years. In this september is a new start. Again. This time I take upper-intermediate class. Still I am uncertain. There are things I do well, but writing in english is`nt easy yet. I could read and talk. I want to be better in writing also. People around think it is normal to read, study or communicate in english. Even dreams they have in English sometimes, somewhere. Still I love my mother-tonque - estonian.

My steps in knitting are in Estonian on my web, in my blog also. You can see the pictures. But you did`nt understood...