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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I started a it again. Make a pontcho. I dont like to do them in same way and so I started it with turtle-neck and holes. When the neck was made I looked: its ready. I got a neckwarmer.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

This pontsho I made by order. Its easy and nice. just pretty thing. And it takes not too much time. And it is a good variety between the bigger projects. These are in progress yet. Herbstcoloring Online 57 Palma I am doing as well. Piecies are ready. I should tell that web-page is underdeveloped, where is a find-button? Only a news there. So I couldnt find a picture about my yarn.

Monday, November 14, 2005

To do this Novita cardiganis terrible boring. It seems really easy pattern and it is. I choose needles nr 4 and thinner yarn as well. Now I have lot of work to do and it takes time more. I just ended a body. Specially boring was to knit about 1 meter ribbed and no other changes. I hope to end it befor spring is here. In case I have enough yarn for this. I had weigh a last skin and reel in two balls. Every sleeve has now his own ball.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

As mentioned before, I made one sweather using Elsebeth Lavolds pattern. I really like those braids, but I am ready to sell it.

This is a black sweather I made twice. First for husbands sis but I made it too large. Then I unstiched it and knitted again. And less stiches in back and frontside. Now it fits for her daughter. The sleeves are same. I revise a topside as well, put the piecies all together and used only purl stiches. Originally I made raglan but now decided to make otherwise. Too hard is to make two sweather using same pattern. If I must to knit something similar I just need to do some little detail different. Generally its similar like I amde for Triinu same year ago.

Friday, November 04, 2005

It takes only a day

I used Novita Helena yarn and made it for 8 years old girl.

First I made hat like this on spring. Where I were at hospidal. And Mart were tiny baby. Using blue Bambino-Yarn it seemed hugde and I unstiched it. After that I decided to knit it using Wool and make it punctually like it was on the pattern. Large again. Of course, my babys head is smalles than usual babs head. Now I took white Wool and only 28 stichs and needles nr 2,5. And it fits. At least. Nice hat.