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Monday, August 23, 2004

What is my favourite yarn? At summer I like a cotton, sometimes mixed with acrylic. At winterseason is better to knit with wool. But I can knit anything. Usually I prefere circular needles. My favourite thing to knit is a swether, even when it takes lot of time. My favourite magazine where I find patterns used to be Novita. Today they named it MODA and do not present novita-yarn patterns only they used to do. Marvellous e-magazine for me is Knitty. I just fall in love. Actually I hope to knit some patterns from Knitty, some day in future.

My current knitting? At the time I have on the needles a little white dress for baby-born-doll. I started a folk mitten (green-black)and should to end it before winter. Also found lot of things from my bag. Now I will end them. For excample: Year ago I made a sweather (islandic). Some reason It was hugde, abnormally large. So I should unstich it. Now I knit it again.


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