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Saturday, September 04, 2004

I started a blu cardigan for my daughter.This Yarn - NovitaPalma is very soft and nice to knit. 100% polyamide and 120 meters in ball. For back I made 40 stitch width nr 5 needles. Intresting is that on Novita webpage I couldnt find the pictures of yarn. Where they are? All the colors, all the sorts. Like a big secret.

I couldnt be a member of knitting webring, because ring is closed to new members. Temporarily. But as we all know temporarily things are always most constant. Is it good? is it bad? How good is to be a member of the ring. Could I be a member of Nordic Knitblog ring? Is Estonia the Nordic country at all?


At 8:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You were wondering where the pictures of the yarns are on the Novita pages. They're here:
http://www.novita.fi/pdf/lankakartta_syksy_2004.pdf. Just scroll down the shade cards and you'll find Palma too! I really love the fluffiness of this yarn - it looks like a marshmallow cloud. I'm sure your daughter loves the cardigan!



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