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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A month ago I bought a Onlinie 57 Yarn. On the skein I saw that sweather nr 38 needs 650 gr yarn. And I bougth 650 gr, for any case, better to have more yarn than less. usually I spend less yarn but its not a rule. Now I have a sweather nr 38 (made for selling), large scarf (for me initially) and a poncho (for mother) and I have a two skeins (à 50 gr) remain. How is it possible? Even I used needles nr 8 and nr 9 where recommendation was needles nr 10.

By this scarf on the pictue I used lace after first 10 rows and by poncho as well but some less, sweather I made is without lace patten at all.


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